Breathing clean air is essential for your little one’s health. Eliminating sources of chemical emissions is the most effective way to reduce indoor air pollution according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

As part of our commitment to mindful manufacturing, many Nuna products meet the standards for GREENGUARD GOLD certification. This means that they have been thoroughly tested and certified to meet stringent emissions standards for over 360 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemical emissions.

Less indoor air pollution

The best strategy to reduce indoor air pollution is source control. GREENGUARD GOLD certified Nuna products ensure your baby gear is not adding pollutants to the air your baby breathes.

Less risk for chemical exposure

GREENGUARD GOLD certified products have met some of the world's most rigorous chemical emissions standards including formaldehyde and phthalate levels.

Healthier environment for all 

Your baby’s immune, neurological, and respiratory systems are still developing. GREENGUARD GOLD certification includes health-based criteria that account for the most sensitive individuals (like baby!).

Shop our GREENGUARD certified products

  1. triv™
    from $499.95
  2. mixx™ next
    mixx™ next
    from $629.90 Regular Price $799.95
  3. demi™ grow
    demi™ grow
    from $849.95
  4. tavo™ next
    tavo™ next
    from $499.95
  5. exec™
    from $699.95
  6. rava™
    from $409.90 Regular Price $449.95
  7. aace™
    from $249.95
  8. pipa™ lite r + pipa relx base
    pipa™ lite r + pipa relx base
    from $399.95
  9. pipa™ lite lx + pipa series base
    pipa™ lite lx + pipa series base
    from $314.90 Regular Price $399.95
  10. pipa™ rx + pipa relx base
    pipa™ rx + pipa relx base
    from $379.95
  11. pipa™ lite + pipa series base
    pipa™ lite + pipa series base
    from $349.95
  12. pipa™ + pipa series base
    pipa™ + pipa series base
    from $319.95
  13. sena™ aire
    sena™ aire
    from $379.95
  14. sena™ aire mini
    sena™ aire mini
    from $199.95
  15. leaf™ grow
    leaf™ grow
    from $289.95
  16. leaf™
    from $199.95
  17. tavo™
    from $399.95
  18. pepp™ next
    pepp™ next
    from $349.95