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Sky drape FAQ

What does a Sky drape™ do?

The Sky drape™ acts as a canopy cover, that is conveniently stored inside your canopy. You can quickly pull out and quietly connect the Sky drape™ magnetically to provide baby with a quiet atmosphere.

What is the difference between the Sky drape™ and the Dream drape™?

Only the name has changed to Sky drape™; the feature is still the same iconic feature in function and style.

Why has the name changed?

The purpose of the name change is to comply to new standards of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

What products have the Sky drape™?

PIPA™ lite rx, PIPA™ lite lx, PIPA™ rx, and PIPA™ infant car seats; DEMI™ grow and TAVO™ strollers; and bassinets.

Is it okay if my baby falls asleep in a PIPA™ series infant car seat?

Yes, but not for unsupervised extended or prolonged periods of sleep. Car seats are safe for travel; if traveling longer than two hours, schedule breaks to stretch, feed, and change the baby. Infant car seats are designed with five-point harnesses which is key for proper body positioning while in the car seat.

  1. pipa™ rx + pipa relx base
    pipa™ rx + pipa relx base
    from $300.00
  2. tavo™
    from $450.00