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Q & A: Gaby Vasquez

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Intro paragraph. Who is Gaby? Share why we are asking her questions. How many kids does she have? when was Diego born? How long has her husband been in MLB? Link to Red Sox partnership page.

Do you travel a lot with your husband during the season and pre-season? What has it been like for you to juggle motherhood while also being on the road so much?

"In my case, I think it has been great for me. Since I got pregnant in the midst of so many changes due to the lifestyle that a professional player leads, I understood that I couldn't control everything and have a strict routine. When I travel I try to be light in luggage and open to changing routines if necessary. Thanks to that I think Diego has gotten used to sudden changes or I was just lucky, haha."

How has using your Nuna products have made travel and parenting easier and safer on the road?

"When I go to the airport I like to take Diego in his stroller, right now we use the Nuna MIXX next?. Although I miss using the Nuna DEMI grow bassinet. It was too comfortable for him. Most of the hotels offer Crib service, but I like to bring the Nuna SENA aire playard. It is compact and lightweight. I can take it everywhere, I even use it when I go to the gym. When I don't buy a seat on the plane for Diego, I like to use the Nuna CUDL, so I can have my hands free while I control Diego and he is not touching anything; much more now with Covid."

What is your all-time favorite Nuna Product and why?

"I would say that you Nuna SENA aire playard. Many playards are too big and heavy. The SENA aire is compact and lightweight. I can move it around the house or in our apartment in Boston without having to close it because it fits through all the doors. It makes it easier for me to move to the kitchen, to take a bath, or even when we go to the beach."

What are some of your favorite features on your Nuna Product?

"I must confess that in the beginning, as a new mom I had to ask for help to learn how to close the stroller, LOL. Then it was super easy and easy to explain to the family. I really like the base of the PIPA car seat. The hooks are different from all other car seats I've seen, they don't move and you don't have to modify and tighten them; that makes me feel safe."

How has your life changed after having kids?

"Hmm, interesting. Life has definitely changed for the better. Everything changes, literally. The hours of sleep, the life of a couple, even showering changes after you become a mother. Going out for a moment is not as easy as before, but I would not change it for anything in the world. The love I feel for Diego is inexplicable. Seeing him healthy and happy makes me happy."

The truth is that I love being a mom...

How would you describe your life as a mom in just six words?


When your husband is on the road and you are home with the kids, what are some things you enjoy doing for yourself?

"Have our own routine. Cook only what the child and I like without high expectations, LOL. But really, the most that I enjoy is being disheveled and doing face masks. The reality is that there is not much difference when they are on the road. Well, players spend too much time in the stadium, and we are used to spending a lot of time alone with children during the season."

During the off-season what are some of your favorite family activities to do all together?

"We are a family that likes to be at home. Before, Christian and I liked to travel, go to the spa, give each other massages, exercise together and go out to eat. Unfortunately, since I was a mother, I have lived in a COVID world and I have not had the opportunity to enjoy "normal" family activities with Diego. Right now, even though we are in season, we enjoy going to the pool, the playgrounds and playing baseball with Diego. But we are anxious to be able to travel to see the family in the off-season and that everyone can enjoy Diego."

What are some tips you would give to another Red Sox Wife entering into Motherhood?

"WOW LOL! Sleep as much as possible, enjoy your time alone, get all the physical love that can be given, enjoy your time with your partner. The truth is that I love being a mom, and even if I sometimes miss the things I did before, I wouldn't change my life as a mom for anything. As a mother, we have to enjoy every minute with our babies, because as I read once ... "we only have 18 summers with our children." Time passes very fast."